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Age discrimination in the workplace – 2015

What Employers Can Do:

The first step toward avoiding age discrimination in the workplace is to understand exactly what it is, and identify potential problems within your organisation or company. You can take action now to reduce or eliminate such discrimination. Some effective strategies include an appraisal of your organisation’s culture, preventive training, revision of hiring and screening processes, carefully crafted policies, and a renewed commitment to provide a supportive work environment for adults of all ages. This requires a well-thought-out plan and the commitment of management.

Effective training sessions can raise employee awareness of discriminatory practices. Encourage (or require) participation in these sessions for employees at every level of the organisation. The focus of the training should go beyond mere information to include real changes in behavior.

Peer reinforcement is also helpful. Encourage employees to speak up when they encounter or witness discrimination firsthand. Individual responsibility should be emphasised.

Brooke Pendlebury
Thursday, May 21, 2015