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Pendlebury Workplace Law is a specialist workplace relations and employment law legal practice based in Sydney.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

‘Resolving Sensitive & Difficult People Situations Quickly’

Are two of your people not getting along; are they disrupting the team; has a manager been accused by her team of creating stressful conditions; has an earlier investigation left people confused about how to move on, or an employee could be wondering if his lack of promotion is disability discrimination or bullying.

Alternative dispute resolution is fast becoming every organisations preferred method of resolving complaints, grievances and conflict.

We are specialists in resolving employment and workplace related complaints, disputes and conflict. We can help you to reach agreement and return to a productive workplace fast.

Pendlebury Workplace Law offers:

  • Mediation & Conciliation Services
  • Independent Workplace Investigations and Fact-Finding

Mediation provides an early opportunity for the people concerned to communicate with one another in a private, safe and secure environment with the help of an independent and trained mediator who facilitates the discussion and negotiation. Mediation helps avoid appearing in hearings and courts, as well as avoiding the legal costs and time delays associated with going to court.

Conciliation is a related process in which the conciliator takes a more proactive role and may be invited to suggest suitable resolutions or settlement terms for the parties to consider.

The process of mediation and conciliation commences with preliminary discussions with all parties, structured liaison between participants, agreement development and formal administration of the agreement. Pendlebury Workplace Law facilitates the process to agreement by assisting parties to understand their motivations and needs and communicate these with clarity throughout the negotiation and mediation. We will facilitate and administer the process from suggestion of mediation through to resolution.  A mediator will attend your workplace or another location preferred by both parties.

Independent Investigations and Fact Finding are often required when relationships have reached a stage where an initial ‘fact-find’ or a more in-depth formal investigation is required as part of your internal grievance, or dispute procedures.

Pendlebury Workplace Law offers alternative dispute resolution for all types of workplace issues including:

  • Conflict at work:
    • arising from performance appraisals;
    • internal ‘politics’;
    • interpersonal issues;
  • Employee grievances:
  • Complaints of bullying and harassment;
  • Poor performance issues;
  • Disputes over terms and conditions of employment;
  • Long term absences from work;
  • Disability issues;
  • Discrimination issues;
  • Work health & safety issues;
  • Return to work programs after injury/illness.